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Katherine Wu

Emily Ma

Lily Weeks

Anna Tutuianu


Laura Napier

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Lan Li




streets of Harris County by Lily Weeks


This research cluster draws on critical cartography to offer a shifting perspective of healthcare access in Houston. It makes use of two data sets comparing the location of acupuncture practitioners with NCCAOM certification (basic and supplementary) with representations of median household income, mortality rates, and vaccination rates. These representations are themselves nonexhaustive and unequal units of comparison. Instead, they have been graphically edited to compare darker elements across maps and suggest possible patterns across Houston counties. Regarding methods, the hand-drawn maps mimic didactic images without using ArcGIS. They are instead composite maps of images researched by the team and evaluated by artistic advisers. In considering the utility of maps, it is important to note that the location of acupuncturists may not correlate to the location of clinics. Further, the county data for mortality rate does not show cause of death or death rates per year. Vaccination rates are also subject to change. 

Patient Discharge Initiative

Houston-area university students aim to address disparities in underserved emergency room patients

The Montrose Center

Serves Houston's LGBTQ+ community through various health and wellness services

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Hope Clinic

Provides culturally and linguistically competent care for Houston’s under-served and isolated ethnic communities

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Legacy Community Health

Gives comprehensive, primary healthcare services to all Houstonians regardless of ability to pay

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Video 1: Compiled animation of map layers showing location of licensed acupuncture practitioners by Emily Ma, Katherine Wu, and Aysel Rizvi.


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